Firestop Specialists

Firestopping is a matter of life safety and therefore it is the primary focus for Fire Barriers LLC. We are committed to the firestopping industry through effective compartmentalization and firestopping. We are specialists in sealing fire resistance rated walls and floors to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in buildings.

  • Commitment to fire and life safety through education at FCIA seminars and study of the FCIA Manual of Practice
  • Firestopping Operations Quality means less inspection and less total installed system cost
  • Commitment to the DIIM philosophy of a quality process that demands proper design, installation, inspection, and maintenance.

Our commitment to rigid quality standards means we are committed to properly completing projects. Fire Barriers can help troubleshoot potential design flaws and make sure your project has an adequate firestop budget. Involve Fire Barriers LLC in your project’s pre-bid stage to find out how to best utilize our services.

Firestopping is a Life Safety issue we take seriously. As an independent contractor, we are able to select the manufacturer’s systems that are required to meet life safety code. Fire Barriers services include: through penetration and fire-resistive joint Firestop system installation for commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-family housing projects.